Global AsiaOne Pte Ltd - About Us

About Global AsiaOne

Headquartered in Singapore with branch office in Norway, Global AsiaOne is a boutique business and marketing consultancy specialising in growing business seamlessly and successfully in the Scandinavian and Asia regions.

Our specialists and network of partners are experts helping businesses to start, expand and optimize their operations in these regions – we are familiar with the local business environments and practices, and understand what it takes to minimize risk and maximize investments.

From doing the groundwork to ticking all the critical boxes for smooth start-up, to overall project management, connecting people and opportunities, marketing, building brands and more...

At Global AsiaOne, your success is our priority.

Our Strength

Our industries’ connections, network of partners and expertise in business and marketing consultancy with end-to-end project management capabilities differentiates us from the cookie- cutter consultancy widely available in the market.

At Global AsiaOne, we close the gaps between the different stages of business development, we transit and transform with our clients, focusing on different objectives as their business grow, locally and regionally. Our experience and expertise in business operations, business development and marketing enables us to take over entire project management and execution to optimize results and investments, enabling our clients the peace of mind to focus on other critical business activities.

What Clients Can Expect

Our single dedicated point-of-contact client service model ensures a seamless experience for our client throughout the project, regardless of the scope and number of vendors or suppliers the project requires.

Some of our services include the essential on-ground market research, market entry guidance, sourcing of suitable office premises, company registration and incorporation, application of work visas and employment passes, taxation and accounting, corporate secretarial services, publicity and marketing services to promote your brand and generate sales opportunities in the new market and more...

Our knowledge and presence in the local market, structured business processes and professional experts ensure that our clients are well taken care of, from initiation to completion.

At Global AsiaOne, we are dedicated to our client's success... a trusted partner, at every stage of business development.